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As a minority male in a leadership position I take great pride in being present within our community and leading from the front. I understand the impact that believing in our youth can have. I'm also aware that by leveling the educational playing field, we are giving our minority youth a sense of support and a true feeling of belonging.  It is my goal to help lead our minority youth to a brighter future through the educational resources and guidance we provide. 

Now, more than ever, I think it is  extremely important to change the narrative that's being told and written about our minority youth and to be proactive in showing these young men and women that people care and want them to succeed. I truly believe some of the members in our program will be tomorrow's leaders. My hope is that Project Education First is their springboard to a brighter future.

Finally, it is Project Education First's passion and commitment to be the change we want to see in life. It all starts with our youth.  No one can affect change on their own but when we all contribute to the movement we can accomplish great things. The students to whom you are donating, are committed to being leaders in their community.

Thank you for caring and believing in Project Education First and more importantly, our youth

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